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Our Services 

​​​​​3D CAD:

  • 2D drawings converted to 3D solid models.
  • ​Concept modelling
  • Assembly modelling.
  • Sustainability analysis of parts.
  • Costing of Parts/Assemblies.
  • Sheet metal patterns produced from 3D models.
  • Components/assemblies physically measured. 3D models of parts/assemblies created from measurements.
  • Models created for use in instruction manuals - single models or assembly/operation sequences.
  • Modelling for brochures etc. (i.e. Rendered models).
  • Models created from photos or sketches.
  • Assembly verification.
  • Clash detection
  • Interference detection and tolerance stacking.
  • Mass calculations.
  • Centre of gravity identification.
  • Animation of assemblies.
  • Engineering drawing creation including exploded assemblies.
  • Design tables created to allow multiple part/assembly variations.
  • Assemblies modelled as single parts for integration with other peoples assemblies/layouts.


  • As Built/As Fitted drawings created.
  • Detail drawings produced from G.A./setout drawings.
  • Templates/Drawing Borders created.
  • Components/assemblies physically measured. Drawings of parts/assemblies created from measurements.
  • Drawings created for use in instruction manuals - single parts or assembly/operation sequences.
  • Sketches converted to engineering drawings.
  • Paper drawings redrawn on AutoCAD.
  • Layouts for rooms, events etc produced.
  • Automatic drawing creation via Excel.


  • Excel and Word documents created.
  • Admin tasks such as writing up minutes, typing etc.
  • Existing Excel and Word documents updated.
  • Excel and Word linked to each other and other external programs.
  • Calculation sheet creation.
  • Selection chart automation.
  • Data extraction.
  • Graphs and charts created.
  • Powerpoint presentation creation.
  • Notes etc. typed.
  • A3 Photocopying and printing.
  • OCR and scanning of documents (A4 and A3 size).
  • Lamination of documents up to A4.
  • Club/Society Membership/ID Cards.

Anything else considered on request.